Current events 11 May 2015

Lost and found

A police dog called Thames has now been found after seven days of being lost in the Tararua Ranges.  He went missing from a training exercise on Saturday the 2nd of May and people had been searching for him since.

The police found some footprints and a whistle made Thames sprint back to his owner.  He was very hungry but was in good condition.

In my opinion Thames is very lucky that he wasn't injured and was found by his owner.

Police dogs join the AOS (Armed Offenders Squad) take part in a public display to celebrate 50 years of the AOS at the Royal Polce College, Porirua, New Zealand, Saturday, August 09, 2014. Credit:SNPA / Ross Setford


  1. I'm glad Thames was found, I think his handler was very worried about him. I think the policeman's family were also missing Thames. Imagine surviving for a week in the bush!


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