Police Getting Fed up at Non-Urgent 111 calls

There has been a significant rise in the number of non-urgent 111 calls, prompting the police to consider whether setting up another call line is necessary. Police have mentioned how frustration is growing at the number of people who call the emergency line with no actual emergency to report. The statistics show it all as last year the police communication call centres received 1.5million calls, of which only 771,000 were emergency 111 calls. But of those calls only a quarter (around 188,000) involved situations where a dispatch was required i.e. a response unit was needed immediately.
The call centre has had a lot of random requests over the years, from people about how to get rid of unwanted rodents, from people asking what the time is and even how to cook a roast dinner. The top 111 calls include:
  • I need police here quick because there’s a rat in my kitchen.
  • I need to know what time the dairy closes. Do you know their number?
  • A bird flew into my window and it’s dead. What do I do with a dead bird?
  • It’s Christmas, my family are going to be here in two hours, how do I cook a chicken for them?
Superintendent Dave Trappitt mentions how these unnecessary calls clog up the 111 line, which could cause a significant delay for someone who is actually in a life-threatening situation. He reminds us all that this is a serious issue and the public need to play their part in only using the 111 line for emergencies.


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