Flooding across South Island

Flooding has affected roads and prompted evacuations in towns and cities across the southeast of the South Island.
While the weather has now cleared, several states of emergency remain in place.
States of emergency and evacuations
States of emergency remain in place for the Otago region, including Dunedin and Waitaki, and for Christchurch and Selwyn. The state of emergency in Timaru has been lifted.

Residents have been warned to wash their hands if they come into contact with floodwaters, which are likely to be contaminated.
They have also been asked to limit water use that produces wastewater – such as flushing toilets or washing.
About 220 households were evacuated across the Otago region, including 100 homes in Outram, inland from Mosgiel.

Traffic and travel
A large landslip has cut off residents on the Otago Peninsula north of Harwood.
Many of the major roads in the far south were closed over the weekend.  Most have reopened, but caution is still advised.
Were you affected by the floods


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