Trump’ named children’s word of the year

‘Trump’ named children’s word of the year

‘Trump’ is children’s “word of the year”, according to research by the Oxford University Press.
The US president’s name saw an 839% increase in usage across 130,000 stories submitted by schoolchildren for BBC Radio 2’s annual writing competition.
Other popular words were ‘Brexit’ and ‘fake news’ in the stories, written by children aged five to thirteen.
According to the judges ‘Trump’ is mentioned in a wide variety of contexts, from the US elections and politics, to tales of space, aliens and superheroes, giving expression to children’s creativity, playfulness and humour.
The organisers were impressed with the number of children who had used the word in a “sophisticated way” to “convey satire and “humour”.
In 2016 ‘refugees’ was children’s word of the year. ‘Hashtag’ was the most popular word among schoolchildren in 2015


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