Cassini crashes into Saturn

The space probe Cassini’s epic mission exploring Saturn is over after it crashed into the giant planet.
Its journey had to come to an end because the probe had run out of fuel. It is just one month before it would have been the 20th anniversary of its launch.
The team behind the Cassini mission at a laboratory in California in America clapped and hugged each other after the final signal was received at 11:55 and 46 seconds.
Saturn is such a long way from Earth, that the probe had actually already been destroyed for 83 minutes by the time this final picture reached Earth.
Many scientists were closely monitoring Cassini’s final plunge to destruction.
It has been on its mission since 1997 when it set off, arriving in orbit around Saturn in 2004. Amongst its many discoveries, Cassini has found new moons orbiting the planet, signs of possible life on existing moons and huge underground oceans spewing fountains of water into space.



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